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What do you think is the biggest problem we're facing as a country today?

Which AIESEC Product do you feel is most relevant to your local community and why?

Time for some SWOT Analysis
You can create a SWOT analysis for the following statements, mentioning Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats for each area

Exchange Performance & Growth
Growth is what we strive for every day..

Where are we with the Customer Flow Implementation in your LC?
Customer Flow..1..2..3..4 actually 5.

What is your take on your TM, Finance & Marketing Operations?
Comment on how these operation are functioning

What is your take on the Organization Culture is your Local Committee complemented with behaviors you want to inculcate.

How can AIESEC Pakistan contribute more towards its role to Global Network and the purpose of AIESEC?

In your perspective, how should AIESEC in Pakistan looklike in 20/21?
SWOT Analysis is over so back to square one now

What do you think should be the National Focus for the current MC's and the MC's to follow fill 2025?

What are your LC's exchange targets for Summer 2019 in terms of Approvals. Realizing, Completes i.e. you can mention it as for example A:120, R:100, CL70
It's for each product, GV, GE & GT, incoming & outgoing both. And explained answers will help!

While entities other than the Entity partners does your Local Committee provide exchanges with?
Incoming and Outgoing both would help

Which office do you hold?

How would you want your commission to be managed, briefly describe touch points which could help any MCP for next year maintain the Commission Culture within the National and Local Offices?

What is your understanding of an ideal organization culture and behaviors in AIESEC in Pakistan for the year 2020, 2021 & 2022?

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